Spencer and I enjoyed a full month in Italy during October and November.  What was supposed to be our permanent move ended up being a trip to bring home our belongings already in Italy.  I firmly believe everything worked out the way it should and have come to enjoy Italy as a vacation destination.  I told Spencer we would savor each day we had visiting our friends and would go home fulfilled.  Here is a look back at our four weeks in Bagni di Lucca, Italy.


Upon arriving during lunch time Spencer had only one request, to eat tortelli ragu.  I cannot explain the difference in what Americans call ragu and the ragu in Italy.  There are many authentic recipes online.  Search one out for your benefit.  Spencer and I enjoyed our favorite meals within a couple of hours of landing.


He devoured his tortelli ragu and I savored the walnut gorgonzola ravioli at Circolo dei Forestieri.


Spencer and I loved our evenings out with friends at our local bar and restaurants. And I enjoyed plenty of vino!


On October 28h we joined our friend Sacha and her friend Giulia for opening day of Lucca’s Comic Con.  Spencer dressed as a Halo video game character and I dressed as The Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones.  For more on our first Comic Con convention check our my previous post,

Here are more pictures from that epic experience.

A few nights later we donned different costumes for Halloween. No trick or treating, just a night of spirits (the alcoholic kind) and celebrating with friends.

Spencer dressed as a zombie astronaut and I masqueraded as The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

A special thanks to Paula for supplying my costume and Denise for helping Spencer and I finish our makeup.

I wish I could spend every Halloween with these goulash gals!

A few days later we got down and dirty in our friend Paula’s yard. She treated us to an amazing Italian lunch for a few hours of labor.

This was one of my favorite days.  I will cherish every second we dug, chopped and chuckled while transforming Paula’s gorgeous garden.

If you plan a trip to Italy anytime in the future, look for a festival calendar. We were fortunate enough to experience two popular fests on the same day.  My friend Denise lives in Fornoli and we started out this day listening to the rumble of tractors.  The annual Festival of Tractors puts a spotlight on the area’s agriculture.

A few hours later we drove up the mountain to Bennabio.  Our friends joined Denise and I, and our boys, for a evening of roasted chestnuts, nutella filled chestnut crepes and five euro bottles of wine.

Love these black and white photos Denise’s son took of the festival and happy revelers!

We ended up being the last table to leave. Can you blame us?

If you asked Spencer which day meant the most, he would put our horseback ride through the Tuscan mountainside as number one.

We spent two hours trekking through forests, olive groves and stunning Tuscan scenery.  I highly recommend this excursion to anyone visiting the Bagni di Lucca area.  We were referred to Lucca Horseriding by my dear friend, Colette. I was even allowed to ride her darling horse, Charlie. Here are my favorite photos of our unforgettable adventure.

Before we left, Denise drove Spencer and I to Lucca for market day.

While we shopped our boys kept a close eye on us from the wall.

After the market closed down we took a stroll through the city.

It’s hard to sum up in a single post or picture how much the people of Bagni di Lucca mean to me. I’ve cherished every moment I’ve spent in Italy over the last few years. While it may be a while before we return I know our fabulous friends will welcome us back with laughter and lovely evenings like these.




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