If you are hoping to move to Italy on an Elective Residence visa there is one requirement that may put your plans on hold.  Since we were planning to live in Italy without a work or student visa we thought Gregg’s income was enough to grant a visa.  We were wrong.  According to the Italian Consulate in Detroit salary income does not matter.  What matters is investment income, such as a pension or annuity.  Since we have neither our visa application was denied.  We were told 30,000 euro per person per year in investment income is required.  Unfortunately we do not have 90,000 sitting in an annuity at this time.  We can move our savings into an annuity, but we will need to save more money before we meet their financial requirements.  In the meantime, our dream of living in Italy is on long term hold.  I admit this turn of events has devastated us. After going through a few boxes of kleenex I have come to the realization that Italy will just have to be a vacation destination for now.  Since we have round trip tickets to Italy next month we are still going to make the trip, just returning to the States earlier than planned.  We miss our friends in Bagni di Lucca and need a few bottles of vino to ease the sting of this week’s unfortunate developments.


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