Our scheduled move to Italy this July has been pushed back a few months.  My trip to the Italian Consulate in Detroit did not go as planned.  Despite all of the required paperwork, forms and money the Consulate rejected my visa application.  Apparently my rental agreement did not meet their standards.


My four-and-a-half-hour drive seemed a complete waste of time.  After crying the first 30 miles of the trip home, I vowed to make the best of my situation.  Then a few days later fate intervened. My husband found out he will have an extended vacation this fall.  These extra few weeks will give him the needed time to fly home from his overseas job and go with me to Detroit.


Gregg asked if I wouldn’t mind waiting a few months so we can all go to Detroit together, then move to Italy as a family.  This instantly lifted the weight of making the move alone in July, and all of the hassles that go with it, off of my shoulders. Provided the Detroit Consulate approves all paperwork in September, we will call Italy home this October.  A fortunate setback in my book.  Hopefully the next chapter has a happy ending.


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