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In the summer of 2005 Gregg’s mother treated our family to a life changing vacation.  We spent two glorious weeks along southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast.  This was my first trip to Italy as well as our two childrens’, Connie and Nick. Four years later in 2009 I returned to Italy with the older kids and three year old Spencer.  Gregg had just taken a new job and was unable to join us.  Connie and Nick have longed to return, but scheduling conflicts and family obligations got in the way.  Now in just a matter of days my two teenagers’ Seven Year Itch will be over! Connie, Nick, Spencer and I will join Gregg in Italy for Spring Break. To say they are excited is a gross understatement. Now 19 and 18, Connie and Nick look forward to seeing our new family home and making new memories. In honor of our upcoming vacation here is a look back at our two Italian family adventures.

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Connie and Nick, ages 8 and 7 in 2005, could barely contain their excitement in this picture.  They handled the long flight well and immediately fell in love with the Italian culture. We stayed in a magnificent bougainvillea draped villa in Amalfi.

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Connie ended each evening with pen and journal in hand.

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We took several side trips including a quick ferry ride to Capri.

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We spent most of our days either on the beach in Maiori or wandering around Amalfi.

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As a history addict, I jumped at the chance to tour Pompeii.  After a long day on their best behavior Connie and Nick couldn’t resist hamming it up for our photos.




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We spent two days in Rome touring the Colosseum and the Vatican.

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I have no idea what started this confrontation, but  I do remember Gregg telling Connie and Nick, “There’s no fighting in the Vatican”.  A family phrase that now lives in infamy.

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This 2005 Italian vacation changed our lives.  Italy was now in our blood and called for our return!

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In 2009 we planned a second family trip to Italy.  Unfortunately, Gregg could not join us due to work constraints. So I brought his Mom, 12 year old Connie, 11 year old Nick and 3 year old Spencer back to the Amalfi Coast. We spent two weeks in Maiori.


Connie and Nick asked to see even more of the Amalfi Coast on this trip, so we headed up the mountain.  Picturesque Ravello is just a short bus ride from Maiori.


No trip to the Amalfi Coast is complete without a stop in Positano.


In Amalfi we toured the famous Duomo.


Back in Maiori we couldn’t help but try to recreate a favorite 2005 photo.  If you scroll back up, you’ll see a picture of Connie and Nick sitting in this exact spot. Spencer loves his siblings and wanted to share in this family photo.






Connie can’t wait to dine again on her favorite meal, sausage and french fry sandwich.


Gregg and I are so excited to welcome all three kids back to Italy this April.  Connie and Nick have grown leaps and bounds since their last visit in 2009.   Here’s a recent family photo taken in November.


Our next family photo will be taken in beautiful Tuscany.  Stay tuned for an action packed nine days in April.






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