Traveling internationally with children can either be the best of times or the worst of times.  Everyone has their tips for a pleasant trip, such as bring extra food, bring favorite toys, pack portable video gaming systems, but after several overseas flights with Spencer I can honestly say this is his key to happiness, the children’s meal on the long haul flight.


I’ve made the mistake of not calling the airline in advance to request the child’s meal.  I only made that error in judgement once. Just requesting the meal online does not always guarantee an airline acknowledgment in my experience.  On our last flight to Italy Spencer opened his meal to find his absolute favorite food, hamburger and french fries.


A year before I had forgotten to request a child’s meal and heard about it for eight grueling hours. I offered my adult plate, but being a picky eater Spencer turned up his nose at my meal.  Luckily, I had packed many of his favorite snacks so he didn’t starve.  In a month we will return to Italy and I’ve already placed the call to the airline to request a child’s meal on the long haul flight.  If you are planning an overseas trip in the near or distant future this is my one piece of advice, call your airline and request the children’s meal, your nerves and your child will thank you.


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