Christmas vacation in Italy may only be weeks away, but it’s our permanent move that has consumed my every thought.  In eight months we will call Ponte a Serraglio, Italy home.  Gregg has already inventoried which clothing will make the trip and which will either be sold in our moving sale or donated.


Since I may have more trouble parting ways with some of my wardrobe I decided to focus on the personal items that must adorn our new Italian home.  In 2008, long before the prospect of living overseas seemed a possibility, Gregg painted a Tuscan landscape as a Christmas gift to me.


This serene artwork tugs at my heartstrings and brings back wonderful memories of our Italian vacations.


My daughter Connie’s ceramic collection also demands a high priority. She hand crafted these beautiful pieces while in high school.  I find more meaning in these special ceramics than any store bought decorations.  Just looking at these puts a smile on my face and will remind me of how much I will miss her while she stays behind in the States to finish college.


Since we will rent our Indiana home furnished, just small mementos, such as family photos, Italian ceramics and keepsakes will also make the journey this summer.


Our new Italian home comes furnished, but our new landlords (whom we now consider great friends) want us to decorate in our own style.



Gregg took all of the above pictures during our 2005 and 2009 vacations to Rome and the Amalfi Coast.  Right now they give some Italian flare to our Indiana home. Soon they will hang in our Ponte a Serraglio apartment.  Just thinking about how much life will change this year is a bit overwhelming, but we are thrilled to begin this new chapter in our lives, surrounded by our assortment of prized possessions.  Even though our new home in Italy is not a blank canvas we are excited about the process of making it personally ours.


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