I have to admit the phrase, “Italy and Son Featured on an Italian Fashion Blog” seems more like a fantasy than reality.  As much as I love Italian fashions I could never imagine someone intentionally posting a picture of me on their fashion blog. That was until I came across http://www.reasonstodress.com. Fashionista Angie blogs about Italian fashions and life in Italy. I love her blog and came across a post titled “My 5 Must Have Items to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist in Italy”. One of the fashion tips included the bucket bag, an Italian made leather purse. Since I have an unhealthy obsession with handbags I quickly sent the email link to my husband with the title, “What I want for Christmas”.  Much to my shock Gregg decided I shouldn’t have to wait and ordered a black bucket bag right away.

I love this small purse, it’s sturdy and holds everything I need.  Last week I sent Angie a picture of me holding the bag and thanking her for the link.  She quickly responded that she planned to feature me on her blog.


I want to thank Angie for her great fashion advice and for thinking I’m worthy of a mention! Here’s a link to post.  Just scroll down to the “Featured Ladies” section. http://reasonstodress.com/this-outfit-deserves-chianti/



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