20150803_124451As our Italian vacation nears an end I could hardly say no when a friend invited Spencer for a sleep over. Our boys have become best friends and inseparable. So I packed an overnight bag for Spencer and gave a hug and kiss goodbye.  Then jumped for joy came back to our hotel and put on my workout clothes.  I decided to trek down to Fornoli, one of the many Bagni di Lucca villages I have yet to explore.




Despite today’s summer heat, trees shaded most of my fifteen minute walk from Ponte a Serraglio. I said “ciao” to some four legged friends then came upon the Ponte delle Catene.



This impressive suspension bridge allows only foot traffic, crosses the Lima River and links Fornoli and Chifenti. For a quick history of the bridge check out local resident, Debra Kolkka’s blog, Bella Bagni di Lucca.


After browsing in a few shops I came across Ristorante La Ruota. They offer an 11 Euro lunch menu featuring three courses, wine, water and coffee.


For primi piatti I chose spaghetti algio, olio and peperoncino.


I ordered the hamburger (it came without the bun) for my secondi piatti, and patate fritte (french fries) for my final course. My waiter brought a half liter of water along with a quarter liter of house white wine.


Normally I share these three course meals with Spencer (except for the wine of course), but since I’m flying solo today I indulged.  I’m definitely adding La Ruota to my favorites list. I left with a full belly and happily put feet to the pavement for Ponte a Serraglio.




I took another route back to my hotel and snapped several pictures along the way. Exploring Bagni di Lucca by foot is a fabulous way to see this part of Tuscany.



I ended my afternoon with a stop at Il Monaco, my favorite gelato shop in this area.  I’m sure Spencer is missing me terribly having a wonderful time with his best buddy!



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