One week ago today Spencer and I arrived in Italy for the beginning of our 9-week vacation. I thought I would give Spencer’s perspective on our first week.


“We are staying in Bagni di Lucca. I like to swim in the hotel pool and play in the park. We rode bikes on the wall in Lucca. We went to an art show in Ponte a Serraglio. I also like the gelato there and it’s only 1 Euro. Bar Italia is fun because I get to pet lots of dogs that come in with their owners. Gabriele’s place (Circola dei Forestieri) has the best milk and I love their sausage dinner.”



Me: Why do you like Bagni di Lucca so much?

Spencer: It is fun, amazing and exciting.



Me: What is your favorite thing you have done so far?

Spencer: Going to Lucca and riding bikes on the wall

Gabriele from Circolo dei Forestieri

Me: What do you like most about being in Italy?

Spencer: The dogs, the people and the weather

Me: Why do you want to live in Italy?

Spencer: It’s nice here, everyone is nice and there is a lot to do.


I’m so proud of Spencer. He has enjoyed meeting new friends and loves the area we have chosen as our new home, Bagni di Lucca. Spencer’s 9-year-old mind focuses mainly on finding dogs to pet and eating as much gelato as possible, but his excitement for Italy is real and contagious.




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