Cornetto in Maiori

This is a love story! I fell head over heels in Italy! Relax, my husband has nothing to worry about. My passion is a soft, chocolate filled, pastry that has two names.  We Americans call this buttery bread, the croissant.  But in Italy, where you live, determines its name.  In central and southern Italy, you would ask for a “cornetto”, while in the north you would order a “brioche”.  I discovered that the cornetto is more like the cousin to the croissant.  The french pastry is crispy and contains more butter, while the Italian version is soft and less flaky.  I preferred my cornetto filled with chocolate, but you can order the cornetto “vouto”, or empty. Most Italians start their day with a cornetto and cappuccino at the local coffee bar.  Spencer and I began each morning this way.  My heart broke when it was time to head home.  I had fallen in love with the cornetto and didn’t want to say goodbye! Even Spencer understood my angst.  This long distance relationship is tough on my taste buds. Spencer and I long for the day we will be reunited with our beloved breakfast bread!


Brioche in Milan






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