Paradise in Positano

The torrential rains finally left the Amalfi Coast on Tuesday, allowing Spencer and I to travel to Positano. Since the morning buses from Maiori are always standing room only,  we opted for the ferries. We took a quick 10 minute ride from Maiori to Amalfi,  then took a much bigger ferry from Amalfi to Positano.
It’s been 5 years since our last trip to this beautiful sea side town. Just rounding the corner on the ferry made it even more special.
I knew that Spencer would not enjoy too much climbing,  so I put him in charge of our direction of travel. He took us on a path past the cathedral and near the top of the town. We wandered into a few shops, but the only thing on Spencer’s mind was finding animals to pet. Ah,  to be 8 again.
After our long walk we made our way back down to the sea front for lunch.
Spencer had what he called, “the best chicken he’s ever had”, while I started with brushetta and then pizza. I love that the volcanic soil makes the vegetables so bright in color and incredibly delicious.
We spent half a day in Positano. I could have stayed much longer,  but Spencer dictates our schedule.


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