I’m sure that everyone has a favorite vacation spot. Mine is Maiori,  Italy. I cannot say enough good things about this beachside community. I have never once felt like a tourist. I’m greeted with “buongiorno” and “buona sera” by total strangers every morning and evening. The people of Maiori are welcoming and kind. I have been treated like family from the hotel owners, baristas at my favorite coffee shop,  restaurant owners and waiters and the workers on the small slice of beach Spencer and I frequent almost daily. This really is my home away from home. What makes Maiori even more special is that it’s off most tourists’ radar. Almost everyone stays or visits Amalfi, Positano or Sorrento. However,  there are lots of Italian tourists here right now. They know this Maiori is THE place to vacation in Italy.
If you are looking for a more relaxing getaway in Italy look no further than Maiori.


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