Crazy weather

Sunday we slept in after staying up late to watch Italy beat England in the World Cup. Luckily the sun was out, so after a quick breakfast we headed down to our beach. Spencer loves the splash pool. The forecast said it was only in the 70’s, but it sure felt like mid 80’s. I grabbed a delicious panini while watching Spencer swim. I wish buffalo mozzarella wasn’t so expensive in the States.
After his swim we returned to our hotel for a siesta. When we woke up Mother Nature had turned on us.
We spotted two water spouts near Amalfi. Then what felt like a Florida afternoon storm hit, and hit hard. We have a mountain view from our balcony but the down pour erased any views.
The storm passed after about an hour. But another is forecast for Monday. Hopefully not before we return from a day in Positano.


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